This Perfect World

This Perfect World.

Produced by Hive Theatre & Theatre Royal Bath.

Written by James Newton.

Directed by Jesse Jones & Jenny Davies.

Performers: Beth Alsbury, Sophie Cull, Lottie Elcoate, Holly Flower, Laura Knight, Frankie Lipman, Phoebe Mulcahy, Tasha Oliver-Cork, Rebbeca Weyers.

Opened at the The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath. July 2018.

Modern life’s tough. Get fit. Get a good job. Get some sex. Get sociable, get out there, get connected, get up, get on. With so much to juggle, we need all the help we can get.

In a brave new futureworld, where everything from healthcare to happiness is centrally controlled by the ubiquitous LifeWatch™, an automated technological revolution appears to hold the answers.

But what lies behind the black mirror? Can we ever construct the perfect life? Is a connected society necessarily a happier one? And what do we sacrifice in the pursuit of utopia?