Mummy Monster (R&D)

Mummy Monster.

Produced by Lady Strong’s Bonfire.

Performer: Liz Hart.

Director: Sarah Corbett.

Performed in community centres and kitchens around Bristol.

In spring 2016 we completed a successful research and development period (R&D), for Mummy Monster supported by The Arts Council of England. Mummy Monster will be devised and performed by Liz Hart and will be a woman’s journey from a seeming state of balance into a monstrous state where she is no longer fully in control. It is an exploration of the times when you, as a parent “lose it,” and will be an honest look at the pressures of parenting. It will be frank, ferocious and playful and will raise questions about the responsibility individuals and society might have to support parents and raise children.

Sound Design Notes

The sound design for the climax of the show when Liz is turning into her monster involved a loop of kitchen sounds which gradually escalate in speed and intensity. Liz attempts to keep pace with the sounds at first and mimes the relevant action; buttering toast, washing up, mixing a cake etc. As she begins to lose control, ominous drones created from other mundane domestic appliances (a fridge, an extractor fan) start to be heard. Finally pulsing sub bass created with an analog synthesizer builds the tension to the show climax.